Where else would you take everything you’ve bought on your shopping spree?


SCHRNK - is an actual name of our Burger restaurant located on the corner of Mariahilfer and Otto-Bauer-Gasse in Vienna, Austria.


The concept design for the new cafeteria came to us after a stroll through the Mecca for hardcore shoppers.


We have tried to create a fitting atmosphere while not overdoing it))). The first thing you see when you enter is a real antique wooden closet (SCHRANK) hanging from the ceiling with carved panels and all kinds of stuff sticking out and hanging down right over you. Yes, that’s right--it looks like it’s falling from the ceiling down on you. Don’t worry, though--it certainly will not fall. The closet is tightly screwed onto the ceiling and it has been tested for safety))).


We did not want to clutter up the space, so we designed a spacious, well-lit and cozy interior furnished with handmade furniture, lots of live plants and various small things. As many shoppers often don’t know what to do with their kids, we set up a kids play area with lots of toys and a huge blackboard where our little and very little visitors can draw all sorts of creations with crayons.

We have also paid special attention to a couple of other areas, but that is up to our visitors to discover.


Cuisine: Trends vs Traditions

This is the main thing in any restaurant – Cuisine. We offer a concise but well-balanced and delicious menu that will suit any taste. Our philosophy of freedom, simplicity, naturalness and freshness inspired us to combine the classical European cuisine with the newest trends in street slow food. Here at our restaurant, you can have a juicy steak and delicate fish as well as a trendy burger sitting in a huge ceramic frying pan (pfanne). And we don’t ignore vegetarians.

Our restaurant’s motto is, all fresh and natural (frisch auf dem Tisch). We never use any convenience, frozen, or canned food. Everything is cooked right here at the restaurant, including homemade pasta and sauces. We guarantee that our food is always high-quality, fresh and healthy, and we do hope our customers will enjoy our dishes.


Coffee @Schrnk

Finally, the main attraction! Now, this is something special. You can enjoy it, praise and admire it like music or art. Here at the Schrank, we offer a selection of coffee varieties cherry-picked by the best baristas in Austria based on their flavors that will definitely impress even the seasoned coffee freaks.


For those who find coffee too sophisticated or too morning-like, we offer seven different keg craft beers from the most reputable Austrian brewery.


Still in doubt? Come visit us and see for yourself! )

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